The technologies, techniques, and algorithms for analyzing all kinds of data to derive insights and take action for better decision making and enterprise success.

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  • TDWI Data Science Bootcamp

    Get in-demand skills for the hottest job in analytics: Data Scientist. A 4-module intensive course covers everything from sourcing and prepping data to communicating business insights. more

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  • 2018 Next-Generation Data Deployment Strategies Report Oracle WP cover

    Data enables many types of business opportunities unimaginable even a few years ago—from predictive analytics to artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things. There are a variety of tools, platforms, and frameworks now available to enterprises to better manage their data. more

  • Learn Why Data Quality is Essential for AI and Machine Learning Success Syncsort white paper

    Today, in a world of AI and machine learning, data has a new role—becoming essentially the source code for machine-driven insight. more

  • Forrester Wave: Machine Learning Data Catalogs Reltio Forrester Machine Learning white paper cover image

    Big data is growing faster than the capabilities available to manage and analyze it. Get this vendor comparison to learn how a modern master data management platform will help you to achieve better outcomes. more

  • What Finance Leaders Need to Know About Machine Learning white paper cover

    For most finance executives, machine learning and other AI tools are not topics for which school or work experience has offered any preparation. more

  • The Modern Approach to Business Intelligence Tableau white paper

    This report outlines seven key attributes of the modern approach to business intelligence that will help you quickly see, understand, and share analytics. more

  • Seven Ways to Liberate Data with a Platform for DataOps Delphix Checklist Report cover image

    Existing enterprise infrastructures are engineered in a way that complicates some types of data provisioning. In this checklist, we will consider the benefits of a platform-based approach to DataOps that addresses some of these complexities. more

  • TDWI Checklist Report | Five Data Engineering Requirements for Enabling Machine Learning Syncsort Checklist Report

    This TDWI Checklist Report discusses best practices for data engineering and management to support machine learning with a focus on collecting, cleansing, transforming, and governing new types of data for analysis. more

  • Big Data, Big Insights, Big Impact: 8 Tales of Business Transformation Qlik white paper cover

    Collecting "big data" was once big news. However, companies are realizing that big data projects aren't delivering their expected ROI because building a repository is just part of the equation. more

  • Visual Analytics for Dummies Qlik white paper cover

    Visual analytics can be the key to transforming your business. But how do you make the leap from data to decision-making? Learn how in three short chapters and 10 key data analytics takeaways. See how a modern data analytics platform is different and how it can provide exciting—and unexpected—insights for your business. Download the Dummies Guide to uncover the power of smarter insight. more

  • BI Evaluation Guide Qlik white paper cover

    Not all BI platforms are created equal—and to succeed in the digital era, you need an analytics solution that gives your business every possible route to transformation. In this guide, you’ll learn which capabilities to look for, which features to prioritize, and all the right questions to ask. more

  • Getting the Modern Analytics Platform Right SAP white paper

    In this white paper, we will explore a few of the challenges of the traditional analytics platform and the risks of not modernizing, recommend what to look for in a solution that eliminates those challenges, and show you how some companies are using modern analytics platforms to succeed. more


  • What’s Ahead in Data Management in 2019?

    Data is evolving into larger volumes from new sources in a wide array of structures, containers, and interfaces. An expert panel discusses data management trends, including new data platforms (Hadoop, cloud computing, and columnar databases), cloud data management, advancements in data catalogs and metadata, and data governance and stewardship. more

  • What’s Ahead in Analytics in 2019?

    Experts discuss the hottest trends in analytics, including: predictive analytics/machine learning/AI, self-service analytics, robotic process automation, and intelligent and automated analytics. more

  • Best Practices for Real-Time Analytics for High Data Volumes

    Learn about hybrid transactional/analytical processing, an alternative architecture that can simultaneously balance transactional and analytical processing. We’ll explain how you can reduce traditional (ETL), manage data storage according to usage, and perform in-memory data management. more

  • Best Practices for Managing and Monitoring Open Source Predictive Models

    Building a predictive analytics/machine-learning model is far earlier than deploying one, which can take six months or more. Learn how to overcome deployment challenges and monitor models in production. the role open source plays, and what technologies can help support deployment of these models. more

  • Emerging Trends for the Data-Centric Organization

    Learn about key data-centric trends, including the role of the citizen analyst and its emergence as the nontechnical data champion, the importance of educating and training for data awareness, the value of self-service, the changing role of IT, and why you need data governance. more

  • Open Source for Predictive Analytics and Data Science: Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges

    Learn about the pros and cons of open source for predictive analytics and data science. We’ll discuss the trends in open source analytics, commercial versus open source options for analytics, and how vendors support open source analytics. more

  • Automating Modern Data Lake Pipelines

    Data management challenges can often make finding value in an on-premises or cloud data lake extremely difficult. Learn about the evolution of the modern data lake, how to make it efficiently ingest data in real time, and how data lake pipelines can be automated. more

  • Taking Advantage of the Cloud for Modernizing Your Data Warehouse

    Learn what challenges data engineers face when migrating their on-premises data warehouse architecture to the cloud, review cloud architectural features, and examine how exploiting those features can help you renovate and modernize your data warehouse environment. more

  • Using Data Exploration to Accelerate Traditional and Data Science Analytics Processes

    Learn about visual data exploration's role in analytics cycles and streamlining processes, integrating it with data preparation, and how data exploration can speed time to insight. more

  • The Intelligent Enterprise Begins with Machine Learning

    Join TDWI Research VP Fern Halper for a lively conversation with Mike Gualtieri from Forrester Research and Richard Mooney from SAP to learn how to make your enterprise more intelligent using machine learning. more

  • Strategies for Aligning Governance with Self-Service Analytics

    View this TDWI Webinar and learn how your organization can meet governance requirements in the modern world of democratized, self-service analytics. Governance is more than just rules and policies for protecting data. more


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